The Bank of Mom and Dad Becoming More Popular For Young Buyers Tight on Cash

With sky high housing prices, strict credit requirements, and mounds of student debt, it can be tough for parents to cut the financial cord to their adult kids. More and more young homebuyers are relying on friends and family to scrounge up enough cash for a down payment for a home. This number tripled during […]

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The 5 Best US Cities to Raise a Family

Whether you’ve already got kids or are considering having a family some time in the near future, you may have a move in the mind. After all, you ideally want your children to be raised in a safe, healthy, economically stable environment. When it comes to great schools, low crime rates, and plenty of opportunity […]

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Understanding the Piggyback Loan, and How it Can Save You Money

Piggyback loans are appropriately named – they’re basically second mortgages secured at the same time as the first mortgage on a home purchase. Essentially, the second mortgage “piggybacks” the first. This combo was commonly used years ago, but lost its steam when the financial crisis hit. But as the housing market has since continued to […]

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Why Your House Plants Keep Dying, and What to Do About it

While some people are really good at keeping plants healthy and happy, others are unfortunately just as good at killing them. We all have good intentions when we bring a plant home, but without learning a little about them, their demise is virtually inevitable. There are a few things you might be doing to cut […]

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How Does the Fed Affect Mortgage Rates?

Homebuyers are continuing to enjoy super-low mortgage rates, thanks largely to the fact that the Fed has decided to keep a lid on interest rates – for the time being, anyway. The Fed – as the Federal Reserve is affectionately referred to – is a government agency that’s commissioned by Congress to serve as the […]

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