Investing in a Turnkey Rental? Watch Out For These Warning Signs

It’s becoming one of the more popular means of investing in real estate these days, and there’s not much work involved in it – if you make the right purchase. It’s called turnkey rental property investment, and it offers investors lucrative ways to make a profit with minimal work involved. Turkey rentals are perfect for […]

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Existing Housing Outlook: Sales Surging

  Americans are loving their previously-owned homes – sales spiked in September to the highest they’ve been in more than eight years. Perhaps it’s a sign that the residential housing market is recovering enough to support continued growth of the economy. September sales of existing homes spiked to 4.7 percent – the second-highest pace in […]

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IKEA Upcycles That Will Make Ordinary Furniture Extraordinary

IKEA may be known for its affordable, functional furniture, but it tends toward a certain sameness that puts more creative decorators off. For those who have the patience to put a piece of IKEA furniture together, the retailer can be a great resource for basic furniture that can be modified to your own tastes. Here […]

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Tips From the Pros: 6 Home Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Remodeling your home? If so, there’s some planning required on your part before you dive into whatever project you’re working on. Keep in mind that while certain things you do will help the project in a positive way, there are also things that you might do that could totally sabotage your efforts. Are you a […]

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6 Decorating Trends That Never End

When it’s time to make major changes to your house, you’ll likely follow many other homeowners in checking the latest trends. You may also feel torn between following those trends and going for a more classic look. The pressure for your spaces to have a modern look can make it tough to resist, but if […]

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