How Will Rock-Bottom Oil Prices Affect the Housing Market?

It sure is nice to fill up the gas tank and pay a fraction of what you paid only a few months ago, isn’t it? But while your dollar might take you further on the road, what are these falling oil prices we’ve been seeing lately doing to the housing market in the US? It’s […]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 16 Interesting Facts About California’s Real Estate Market

California has one of the most dynamic and multidimensional housing markets in the world. Wrapping your head around all of the nuances and complexities can be daunting. In this elegant infographic, we demystify the Golden State’s real estate market.

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What Will California’s Housing Market Look Like in 2016?

California’s real estate market will continue its growth streak into 2016, according to the California Association of Realtors (CAR) 2016 Housing Market Forecast. Yet that anticipated increase in sales will likely be somewhat hampered by limited inventory and continued high prices for properties. Last year was a pretty good one for the Golden State, which […]

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