INFOGRAPHIC: 11 Things to Ask Your Contractor Before the Renovations Start

Home renovations are no small feat, and can put a big dent in your bank account. Considering the huge expense, you want to be sure every dollar is spent wisely throughout the renovations. Knowing exactly what to expect before the project even begins will help prepare you for the project. And to make that happen, you should start off by asking your contractor a number of critical questions before the process starts.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Who Makes Up the Housing Market in California

The current California housing market can be described in so many di erent ways. Right now the state is experiencing an inventory crunch, and housing a ordability is a real problem. Housing action is starting to shift inland as supply in coastal areas remains tight. But what about the people who make up the California housing market? Let’s have a closer look at the individuals who are part of the buying and selling process in California real estate for 2016.

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5 Reasons Why Mortgage Applications Are Rejected, and How to Boost Chances of Approval

Getting approved for a mortgage these days is nowhere near as easy as it was before the economic debacle back in 2008. Lenders are a lot more stringent in their mortgage lending criteria, and for good reason: they don’t want to get stuck with a pile of loans in default. About one-third of all mortgage applications are denied by lenders, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. And half of refinancing applications are also rejected.

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‘Micro’ Apartments – the Newest Trend in Housing Across the US

Picture yourself living in a 300 square-foot minuscule apartment, and paying the same rent price as you would for a place three times the size. That’s exactly what an increasing number of renters are doing these days just to be able to claim zip code in some of the country’s most expensive places to live.

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What’s Driving California Housing Prices Up?

Housing prices in California have long been higher than most other states in the US, and the gap just seems to be getting bigger. Unfortunately, that’s driving many blue-collar and middle-class residents out of the state.

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