INFOGRAPHIC: C.A.R.’s End-of-Year December Sales and Price Stats

The housing market in California may have struggled as a result of a squeeze on inventory and affordability issues, but it ended off 2016 in a healthy position. Sales may not have been their strongest in December, but home prices remained high at the close of the year.

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5 Reasons Why Single-Family Homes Make a Great Investment

One of the best things about investing in real estate is that there are so many property options to choose from, which makes real estate investing a very flexible endeavor. But single-family homes, in particular, offer a number of distinct advantages over other types of properties that warrant serious consideration.

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Sell or Rent Out Your Home? How to Decide

Whatever your reason may be for wanting to relocate, selling is typically on the agenda. However, you might not necessarily have to give up title to the property in favor of another home. While selling is certainly a popular and viable option, you may also want to consider the possibility of retaining ownership of the home and renting it out instead.

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Buying New Construction? Why You Need an Agent to Help

It’s customary to call a real estate professional to help you when you’re on the prowl for a resale home, but what about if you’re interested in new construction? Isn’t it enough just to deal with the builder to choose a lot, select your home’s layout, and seal the deal? After all, you don’t have to deal with a seller or need a home inspection.

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10 Common Fees Paid By Home Sellers in California

Most sellers are well aware that there are real estate commission fees that come with selling a property. However, there are plenty of other expenses that Californians need to budget for once the selling process is done in order to budget accordingly.

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