INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Ways You Can Protect Your Home Against Wildfires

The sun and heat in California attract many people to this beautiful state, but they’re also the source of devastating wildfires on the west coast. Here are some ways to effectively protect your home against wildfires.

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Types of Inspections a Property May Need Besides the Typical Home Inspection

A home inspection is one of the most common contingencies to be included in a real estate contract. Even if a home is only a couple of years old, anything can happen, which is why it’s important to take the opportunity to have the home inspected before your purchase agreement goes firm.

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What is an Exclusive Right to Sell Listing?

There are different types of listing agreements that sellers can choose from when it comes time to sell their homes. But the most popular type of listing by far is the “exclusive right to sell” listing. In fact, it’s not very often that another type of listing contract is used in real estate.

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How Do Capital Gains Taxes Work When Selling Real Estate?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the sale of your property, you could wind up having to pay capital gains taxes to Uncle Sam come tax time.

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INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Habits to Improve Your Credit Rating

Having poor credit can make it tough for you to buy a car, get a small business loan, and be approved for a mortgage. If your credit is lagging, there are habits that you can adopt today to improve it.

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