6 Decorating Trends That Never End

When it’s time to make major changes to your house, you’ll likely follow many other homeowners in checking the latest trends. You may also feel torn between following those trends and going for a more classic look. The pressure for your spaces to have a modern look can make it tough to resist, but if you fill your home with trendy pieces, you may find your rooms are outdated in only a couple of years.

Ideally, your home will have a contemporary look that will last throughout your time there. To do this, you’ll need to find trends that endure from one year to the next. There are a few “trends” that will likely remain popular for many years.

The Small House Movement

Over the past few years, more homeowners have chosen to move into spaces that are as small as only 300 square feet. Through the use of multi-functional furniture and storage-promoting design, you’ll enjoy a more affordable house while also making a more environmentally-friendly choice.


Unless you live in an area with great temperatures all year, you’ll likely found yourself stuck inside occasionally. One temperature-controlled way to feel as though you’re spending time in the great outdoors is to use nature-themed décor in some of your favorite rooms.

Rare Vintage Finds

That beautiful painting you found while on vacation in New England is a timeless addition to your home design. For years, when people visit, you’ll be able to tell the story behind the piece of furniture or knickknack. Over the years, the items will add a unique charm to a person’s home, transcending trends and fashions.

Functional Design

A beautiful room can impress visitors and up the resale value of your home. However, all of that decorating work will be for nothing if the rooms aren’t comfortable while you’re living there. Functional design puts usability first and aesthetics second, making it a design trend that will never go out of style.

Rooms with a View

When your home is surrounded by great views, all you have to do is open your blinds and you have instant beauty. While you can’t dramatically change the view in your rooms, make the most of what you do have. A good view is timeless, enduring even as styles change. If your view is less than desirable, consider sprucing it up with windowsill flowers or plants.

Family Heirlooms

Like your rare vintage finds, any item you’ve inherited from loved ones will transcend style. Don’t trade in that old china cabinet that once belonged to your great grandmother, even if you don’t own china. Find a way to make those items work with your current purposes, since those pieces mean far more than any trendy piece ever could.

Trends will come and go, but there are many décor options that will remain popular for decades. By combining short-term trendier items with furnishings and accessories that will last through many trends, a homeowner can create a classy décor that inspires and excited everyone who sees it.