IKEA Upcycles That Will Make Ordinary Furniture Extraordinary

IKEA may be known for its affordable, functional furniture, but it tends toward a certain sameness that puts more creative decorators off. For those who have the patience to put a piece of IKEA furniture together, the retailer can be a great resource for basic furniture that can be modified to your own tastes. Here are a few IKEA upcycles that can bring new possibilities to any piece of IKEA furniture.

Create a Rainbow

A coat of paint can make a big difference in the look of any dresser or table, but painting IKEA furniture brings its own challenges. Most of the retailer’s furniture is made from laminated veneer chipboard. This means without the right preparations, the paint will only chip. You may need to sand the piece and primer will be essential.

Once you’ve gotten down the “how” of painting a piece of IKEA furniture, it’s time to get creative. Instead of painting the entire piece in a solid color, go for a multicolored effect or get really creative with an artistic piece that will have people talking for many years.

Modify Your Upholstery

IKEA’s upholstery can be a bit on the basic side. You may find the perfect chair, only to be unhappy with the way it looks. You can reupholster a chair or sofa and give it an entirely new look. If that sounds too complicated, a sofa slipcover may provide an easier fix, with the added bonus that if you spill something, you can remove the slipcover and have it cleaned.

Another option for changing upholstered furniture is to paint it. You’ll need to vary your technique based on the material, but you can create a loveseat, chair, or furniture that fits your own personal preferences with the right do-it-yourself attitude.

Add a Cover

You can keep the paint cans at the paint store and customize your tabletops and seats with covers. Fabric is one of the more popular ways to accomplish it, adding attractiveness to benches, tables, drawers, and more. This tutorial walks you through the process of decoupaging fabric onto a tabletop for a lasting, natural finish. The process would work with any size or type of table, as well as flat surfaces on top of dressers, shelves, desks, coffee tables, and more.

Another creative way to change a tabletop is through the use of tile. Mosaic-tyle tabletops can be labor intensive, but the end result is a one-of-a-kind piece that you can customize to your own personal tastes. There are numerous aesthetic possibilities for mosaic-tile surfaces, including tables, chairs, and dressers. If the process of attaching small tiles seems daunting, consider using much larger tiles for an equally attractive look.

IKEA’s low prices have long made its furniture ideal for college students, young adults, and budget-conscious homeowners. But with a little creativity, the retailer’s furniture can be upgraded to unique pieces that will add to any home’s décor. Crafters may find that the basic design of many of the store’s pieces makes it perfect for customizing with their own paint, fabric, and mosaic tile to create the perfect look.